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A Wiki and Blog Engine for the Web

TypeWriter, or TW for short, is a Wiki-like Content Management System (CMS) for the Web, with basic e-Commerce provisions. TW is based on the CSA Web Application Framework and uses the NoSQL database as the data storage of choice.

What is TypeWriter

As its name stands to mean, TypeWriter tries to make Web publishing as easy and straightforward as the action of typing at an old-fashioned "Mill" keyboard, focusing on content in the first place and leaving most of the presentation issues at the discretion of the Webmaster. Thanks to this strong separation between content and presentation, TypeWriter can be used to publish "raw" content and graphically appealing Web pages just as well. Unlike PHP or other embedded-scripting engines, TW pages contain no code but just a number of "tags", to be replaced at run-time with the relevant content by the underlying content-management engine.

TypeWriter is Free Software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. As such, it fully qualifies also as Open Source Software.

How to get TypeWriter

Although TypeWriter is already used to power a few hundreds Web Sites, it is not ready for prime-time public release yet, because it still lacks an installation procedure and proper documentation. This Wiki Web site is currently meant to be mainly an on-line repository of information through which TypeWriter Webmasters can contribute documentation, hints and use-cases based on their experience with the use of TW. When enough input will have been provided, this Web site will become the official source of documentation regarding TypeWriter. The program, however, exposes its full source code online, which is obviously the most reliable and up-to-date form of documentation.


TypeWriter, Copyright (C) 2008,2010 Carlo Strozzi.

TypeWriter comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details refer to the GNU General Public License.

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